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You Should Know: Abbe Fenimore

31 Mar

Abbe Fenimore, the owner and principal of Studio ten 25, is quickly becoming one of my favorite interior designers.  Not only does she design amazing residential and commercial spaces, as well as furniture, but she also runs an online store: Shop ten 25, and also consistently writes on her blog.  Recently, she was a featured designer on 6th Street Design School’s Confessions of a Designer series.
I came across her work by searching the internet for inspiring spaces and the Studio ten 25 name always seemed to be attached to the ones I liked the most.  After reading about her on the Confessions of a Designer series, I knew I just had to visit her site and take a look at her portfolio for myself.  Here are examples of her work:

(All photos found at the Studio ten 25 website)
I absolutely love her use of color.  Plus, each room looks stylish without seeming fussy.  They are all spaces that people actually live in!
So, who is your favorite designer?  Or, what is your favorite style: contemporary, modern, traditional, eclectic?

Free Magazines, Part 2

30 Mar

A couple of weeks ago, I spilled the beans about my magazine “addiction” and then shared some of my favorite online magazines with you.  Since then, I have created a list of e-zine links on the sidebar (directly under where you can follow me) to make it easier for you to get to those magazines.  I hope you have been able to read a couple of them and have gained as much inspiration as I have.

Today, I want to share two more new-to-me online magazines that I thought you might enjoy as well.  The first is:

Paloma Contreras is the editor-in-chief of High Gloss, but if you’ve been a follower of design blogs for any length of time, then you probably know her from her blog La Dolce Vita, which is Italian for “The Sweet Life” or “The Good Life”.  The magazine delivers the same caliber of style that you’ve come to associate with her blog.  It gives you a ton of inspiration to create your own “good life” – glamorous interiors, chic fashion, entertaining ideas, and so much more.
The next magazine I have to share with you is:

Victoria Hudgins, is a Christian event stylist, freelance designer and so much more; definitely a woman of many talents.  As far as I know, Styled. was only a one time publication but maybe if we all read it and send her a TON of emails demanding more issues, she’ll deliver.  Believe me, this issue is jam-packed with lots of ideas for spring entertaining and gives you plenty of do-it-yourself tips to make all of your parties and events special.

Enjoy reading your new magazines and have a great rest-of-your-Wednesday.  I have to get off the computer now in order to turn on Thomas the Train for Little Man.  Poor thing has been bugging me for the past 2 hours.  🙂

If you know of any more online magazine that I have not mentioned yet, please share!  I’d love to share them with the readers of Taylor Made Home.

6 Week/10 Lb Fitness Challenge

28 Mar

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Last week I told you all about going to visit my parents and bringing my sister back home.  Her husband is in military training for 12 weeks and will be here for six of them and back at my parents’ house for the other six. 
We decided to do a 6 week/10 Lb fitness challenge while she was here since we would both like to lose some weight.  We would both like to lose OVER 10 lbs but thought that this would at least give us somewhere to start.  Weigh-ins (and measurements) are going to take place on Mondays, which is also the day I will report in to all of you.  Anyone who wants to join us may do so.
Today, we did our first weigh-in and took our starting measurements.  I’m not going to share the measurements each week because I highly doubt anyone cares about the size of our hips.  🙂  However, we will share our weight in order to track progress.
My sister’s, who I will refer to as “Sissa” (which is what Little Man calls her): 135.
Mine: 156
I’ve been joking that she’s an entire “Little Man” smaller than I am!  Oh well.  That’s what this challenge is all about.  Right?  To lose a whole “Little Man” in weight!  🙂
Anyway, if you’re joining us, today’s task is to weigh yourself and take measurements of your upper arm, waist, stomach, hips, and thighs.  Be sure to write it all down, unless of course, you can rely on your memory to retain all of those numbers.  I know I can’t! 
You’ll also need to create a plan as to what you’re going to eat this week and what exercises you plan to do.  We are going to try to stick to a diet of lean meats, fruits and veggies, etc.  Nothing too specific except staying away from junk food and sodas.  As for exercise, we’ll walk the neighborhood and dance along to a Zumba DVD every day.
Again, for some inspiration, motivation, and information, be sure to visit THIS BLOG written by my real-life friend, Jennifer.
Good Luck! 
P.S.  If you will be joining us, please leave a comment below.  We’d love to know who will be suffering working to get in shape with us!

Friday Favorites!

25 Mar

Happy Friday, Everybody!  I hope you all had a fabulous week and were able to visit me here at Taylor Made Home for a few minutes each day.  If you were not able to make it, here’s what you missed:

Monday – We toured the home of Nicole from the blog: Me Oh My!.
Tuesday – Highlighted a clever solution for storing children’s books from Jamie, the woman behind the blog, kreyv.
Wednesday – Shared some of my favorite products for your entry/mudroom.
Thursday – Took a personal day from writing but quickly mentioned a potential 6 Week Fitness Challenge here at Taylor Made Home.  Interested?

Now that you’ve caught up, let’s get down to business!!

Today’s MAKE IT project is:

This week’s MAKE IT project was found on Design*Sponge.  I don’t know about you but I think Capiz Shell Chandeliers are so pretty.  The price tag?  Not so much.  For example:

Product Image Square Capiz Shell Chandelier
This baby costs 470 bucks at Target.  But, why dish out almost $500 for one when you can make your own version?  This is where Design*Sponge comes in.  Remember this photo?:
Know how they did it?  No?  I’ll give you a hint:
Can you believe it was made with wax paper circle cut outs and a hanging planter basket?  Crazy, huh?!  Click HERE for the full tutorial.
Next, READ IT!
Once your done making yourself a fabulous new light fixture, sit back, relax, and check out this new-to-me (and maybe to you) blog:
Pepper Design Blog Bio Pic

Morgan is the woman behind Pepper Design Blog where she writes about “everday design inspiration”.  Like what?
Like: how to style a bookcase.
Click HERE to see that post.
Or how to throw a killer 4th of July party!  (Hey, it’ll be here before you know it!)
Click HERE to view the post.
Or, if fashion is more your cup of tea, there’s also things like style boards:
Laundry <a href="" target="_blank"> Short Sleeve Sweater </a>$90, Aubin & Wills <a href=" com/gp/product/B002YK57JI?ie=UTF8&tag=peppdesiblogc-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B002YK57JI" target="_blank">Longfleet Tee</a> $70, Levi’s <a href="" target="_blank">528 Skinny Jeans </a> $35, Garbadine <a href="" target="_blank">Fedora</a> $25 (from $35), Starburst <a href="[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade" target="_blank">Locket</a> $26, Pendleton <a href="" target="_blank">Men’s Messenger Bag</a> $128
The girl’s got that covered too.  Click HERE for more outfit inspiration!
You can also find one of my favorite categories: Organizing.  Yep, she’s got that down pat too!
Click HERE to see how she turned an antique mirror into a fun corkboard.
So, we know she can decorate, entertain, style-ize (is that a word?), and organize.  But that’s not all, folks!  She can craft, too!  I’d say she’s the blog version of Martha Stewart!
Check out how she made paper flowers for a centerpiece:
Paper flowers 2
Check out how HERE.
Okay, now that I’ve gushed about my love for Morgan’s blog, it’s tme to move on to the next part of Friday Favorites:
Now that you’re rested up from relaxing and reading the Pepper Design Blog you should have built up some energy to make something delicious to eat, right?  Maybe not.  Those who know me best know that I am no Bobby Flay, but looking at this photo sure makes me want to give it a go!
Spaghetti squash casserole with turkey bacon and Gruyére cheese
Maria from Family Fresh Cooking has some serious culinary skills.  Everything she makes looks absolutely amazing and the dish above is no exception.  It’s called “Cheesy Bacon Spaghetti Squash Casserole”.  I know, even the name of it is a mouthful!  🙂
The reason I chose this one to share with you is because, at least in my household, cheese, bacon, spaghetti, and squash casserole are all favorites!  Why not mesh them all together?  Could be a delicious combination!
So, hopefully I have brought you another inspiring edition of Friday Favorites that will add some fun and style to your weekend. 

(By the way, if you have anything inspirational that you’ve come across, feel free to share.  Who knows?  It may end up in an upcoming edition o Friday Favorites!)

Speaking of weekend, what are your plans?  Here’s my weekly WANT TO & HAVE TO lists:
  • Drive four hours in a car with a two year old…
  • … so that I can visit my parents and bring my sister back home with me!  🙂  (Little Man is usually a perfect angel in the car so, knock on wood, he’ll be just as wonderful tomorrow!)
What about you?  What’s on your HAVE TO and WANT TO lists?  Got any fun projects to make or recipes to cook?

Packing & Fitness

24 Mar

Taking a personal day from the blog to pack my bags for a weekend getaway to my parents’ house.  Little Man and I will be leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday evening.  The purpose of this trip is to enjoy some quality time with my folks, but also to pick up my sister who will be staying with us for about 6 weeks or so while her hubby is in military training.
My sister is going to be my workout/diet buddy while she’s here, so I’m thinking about creating a 6 week fitness challenge here at Taylor Made Home.  What do you think?  Hmm… maybe 10 lbs in 6 weeks?  We can totally do that!  Wanna join us?
P.S.  Speaking of fitness, my friend, Jennifer, who I’ve known since high school has started a health/fitness blog where she tracks her own progress.  Click HERE to check it out!

Organized Home: Products for an Entry/Mudroom

23 Mar

A little over a week ago I shared some tips on organizing your entry/mudroom and as promised, I’m here to tell you about some of my favorite products for this area of the home.  I hope to show you both the items that we currently own as well as those that are on my wish list.  With that being said, if I show you an item that I already own, the version I use in this post may be a different brand or style from the one I have, but the idea is still the same.

The entryway is where I personally store my mobile command center, that way I can easily sort the mail as I come in the door rather than letting it create piles in my kitchen.  The file box I have was purchased from Target a while back, so I’m not sure if they still have it.  I checked their website but didn’t find it, however…

Mesh Tabletop File by Design Ideas&reg;
I did find a look-a-like (above) from for $19.99 (which sounds like about how much I paid for mine, if I remember correctly).  If metal mesh isn’t your style, check out this cute option:
Flora Desktop File Organizer - White with Blue Accents
This option is also from and is $17.49.  Slightly cheaper than the first option and, in my opinion, way cuter!  🙂  Seriously, how cute would this one look with colorful hanging files and labels?
Now that you’ve got your mobile command center established to corral all of that paper clutter, the next thing to look at is a way to store all those keys, jackets, shoes, etc that seems to accumulate by the door! 
For keys, you have several options, but I have two to recommend to you.

#1 – A good, “old-fashioned” key holder (which is what I currently use):
Brainerd 4-Hook White Key Rail
This is the 4-hook white key rail from Lowes (currently $6.42).  We actually have this exact key rail, except we painted ours black to blend into our decor a little better.
#2 – A bowl/mug to simply toss your keys in:

These cute monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie would be the perfect place to keep your keys from growing legs and walking off.  At only $6  each, I could get an “A” for me and a “J” for Hubby.  These mugs could also be used as a pencil/paint brush holder or could hold a petite flower arrangement.  Oh yeah, and you could also go the conventional route and drink your coffee from it.  🙂
Now, for all those pesky shoes that seem to multiply by the door!  We actually use a shoe shelf from Target that we purchased a long time ago, so I’m not even sure they sell it anymore.  But, I did find a similar option:
Product Image Honey-Can-Do 3 Tier Deluxe Bamboo Shoe Shelf
This one is also from Target and costs $39.99.  But, you could also store them like this:

Of course, this option is from IKEA and is more expensive than the first ($100 per four compartment unit) but I love that it keeps the shoes concealed.  Really though, $200 to get the kind of storage in the above photo isn’t bad considering something like this costs more:
Aubrie Shoe Storage Bench
This shoe storage bench costs $339 and that’s the sale price!  (Reg. $429!!)  Seriously?  I could buy two of the IKEA units above PLUS a chair or ottoman for much cheaper than that!
Next, let’s see what we can find to get those jackets and totes in order.  How about something like this?

Simple rows of hooks can’t be beat when it comes to getting those coats, purses, sweaters, and backpacks off the floor. 
Another tip for your entry/launch pad:
KASSETT Magazine box with lid green Width: 13 " Depth: 15 " Height: 11 ¾ " Package quantity: 2 pack  Width: 33 cm Depth: 38 cm Height: 30 cm Package quantity: 2 pack
These boxes are sold at IKEA and cost only $12.99 for a pack of 2!!  Assign a box to each family member for their lunch boxes/papers/etc so that their belongings don’t wander all over the rest of the house.  Plus, one could serve as an “outgoing” box by storing library books to take back, items to mail, or purchases to return.
Assigning things to each member of the family works especially well when younger kids are involved, especially if you put their name on it.  For example, placing your little one’s name above their coat hook and on their shelf in the mudroom gives them a sense of ownership and motivates them to use it.  Also, if you have several children, considering assigning a color to each child and use that color to identify their belongings (Johnny’s items are blue, Suzy’s things are pink, Emily’s belongings are purple and Ben’s stuff is green).
Of course there are a ton of organizing products you can use to get your entry/mudroom in order, including designing your own customized closet system if you have that kind of money/space to do so.  However, it’s usually the simple solutions that work the best.  In fact, you probably already own some things that you can reassign to your entry that would help you organize that space a little better.
How do you organize your entry/mudroom?  Is there a particular product that you love?  Please share!  🙂
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Check it Out!

22 Mar

Like many of you, I am IN LOVE with IKEA.  I know I say that I love a lot of things, but I seriously would not hesitate to move my family into one of the IKEA furniture displays if I could.  Then again, I’d probably get really annoyed at all of the customers walking through my space.  So, the next best thing is to simply purchase some IKEA gear for your home.

Today, I stumbled upon KREYV (pronounced “crave”) where Jamie highlighted a cool solution that turns these:

BEKVÄM Spice rack  Width: 15 3/4 " Depth: 3 7/8 " Height: 3 1/2 "  Width: 40 cm Depth: 10 cm Height: 9 cm  
And turns it into this:

Voila!  A child’s bookcase for $12!!
Isn’t this an awesome idea?  I will probably snag several of these for my son’s room and paint them to match.  Hmm…I’m thinking I need to keep an on-going wish list.  I mean, I see a ton of cute things like this but once I get to the IKEA store, my mind goes blank because I’m too overwhelmed excited looking at all of the cute display areas!
What’s the last thing (or favorite thing) you’ve purchase from IKEA?  Anything you bought but didn’t use for its original purpose?

House Tour: Me Oh My!

21 Mar
Nicole is the face behind the blog Me Oh My! and her home is absolutely gorgeous!  I came across it when Jen from Made by Girl did her own house tour (For the Made by Girl House Tour, click HERE for part one and HERE for part two).  So, instead of simply copying Jen, I’ll just show you some of my favorite pictures of Nicole’s home:

I’m loving that Chevron art work and the fun rug!
Such an inviting space!  Plus, another view of that awesome rug.
Great looking entertainment center!  Loving the closed storage at the bottom and the cubbies to display collectibles and sentimental items.
This is the closest picture I can find that matches what I want to do in my own kitchen one day!  Isn’t it beautiful?
I like that she hung the “EAT” sign right above where she prepares the food – very appropriate!  Plus that vintage scale is too cute.
I know the IKEA Expedit Bookshelf is EVERYWHERE these days, but nothing beats a cubby shelving unit to store a ton of necessities.  I want two of these in my living room for oodles of storage!
I’m hoping to have my own inspiration board(s) one of these days.  Don’t you just love the “L-O-V-E” sign she’s got on her desk along with the monogramed slipcover on the desk chair?  Looks like a cozy place to work!
I had to show you this picture of the door in her little girl’s room: painted a fun shade of green with her initial!  I may need to do something like this for my son’s door.
Speaking of painted doors, here’s another shot of her dreamy kitchen that gives you a view of her pantry door that has been painted with the most perfect shade of blue I have ever seen!  I definitely may be painting some doors here soon!
(All photos found via Made By Girl but owned by Me Oh My!)
So, my question for you today is: would you paint your interior doors a fun color or would you rather keep them white/cream?

Fun Fridays!

19 Mar

Hello, all!  How was your week?  I hope it was filled with productivity so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend.  Before we get to our Friday Round Up, I wanted to tell you what’s been going on around Taylor Made Home, in case you missed anything.

Monday – We learned how to declutter our Entryway/Mudroom.
Tuesday – I showed you a real easy way to organize dry goods in the pantry.
Wednesday – I revealed a closet makeover that I helped a friend tackle.
Thursday – I shared some FREE online magazines for your viewing pleasure.

Now that you’re caught up, we can move on to our weekly TGIF inspiration.  As always, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite projects/tips/ideas from the blogosphere for you.  I hope you like what I’ve found.



First up: eighteen25 is my absolute favorite blogs for creative crafts and DIY projects.  They give you step-by-step instructions and often include free printables to help you get the job done.  Today’s project does not disappoint:

It’s a Birthday Box!  Cute, huh?  So, what exactly is a Birthday Box?  Well, it’s a box that help you celebrate your Birthday, duh!  I’m kidding.  It serves a place for you to keep Birthday memories for your kiddos, so I’d recommend creating one box per child.  You could even let them decorate their own box, which would make for a wonderful weekend project on the Saturday before their Birthday!
What goes in the box?

This is an example of the page that you’d create each year.  It can include a photo of your child along with questions that they can answer (the eighteen25 girls recommend the kids filling them out on their own as soon as they are old enough to do so – makes it more personal that way, I think.)  The questions can range from “What’s your favorite food?” to “What was your favorite thing about being (age they were)?” and even “What do you hope to do when you turn (age that they will be on their birthday)?”
For step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this cute Birthday Box, click HERE.

I also thought I’d do the same thing I did last week and introduce you to some cute blogs that I’ve come across recently.

One Charming Party has an endless amount of creative party ideas for those of you who love to entertain but don’t always know where to begin.  Everytime I look at this blog, I instinctively want to call up all my friends and invite them over!  I know it’ll inspire you just as much because how could it NOT with photos like these?:

(Above Pics Courtesy of One Charming Party)
I just realized all these pics were of food.  Haha.  Must be hungry!  Anyway you get the idea.  Doesn’t it all look yummy?


Grab a Button

I stumbled upon this video over at Don’t Waste your Homemaking and thought it was HA-larious!  I’ll just end the post with this:

Enjoy your weekend!  🙂  See you back here Monday!

FREE Magazines

17 Mar

I’ve already told you all about my binder fetish, but now I have something else I need to ‘fess up about.  I have a slightly obsessive affection for magazines.  I used to impulsively buying a magazine or two (or three, or…well, you get the idea) whenever I went to the grocery store, easily spending $10-15 per week on magazines alone.  In case you can’t (or don’t want to) do the math in your head, that’s anywhere from $40 to $60 spent on JUST magazines!!

Thankfully, technology has allowed me (and YOU) to receive magazines for free!  The catch?  They’re digital.  Meaning, instead of being able to hold it in your hands and read it in bed or by the pool, you’ll have to go online.

Although I would prefer to read a print version over a digital version any day, I can easily learn to appreciate these e-zines (especially when they’re FREE).  They provide just as much inspiration and design eye candy as any magazine you could purchase on the newsstands.  Plus, as someone who loves an organized space, I’m loving the fact that online magazines mean less clutter around my home. And did I mention that they are F-R-E-E!

So, where can you find these fabulous reads?

For the eco-conscious ladies, check out Pure Green Living which provides plenty of inspiration for “eco living with style”.

Do you RUE?  I do.  It’s an awesome magazine for those of you who claim interior design as an obsession a hobby.
Current issue
Lonny never fails to layer on the style. (And they layer it on thick!)  I always find great ideas inside their digital pages and I know you will too.

Ivy and Piper is “fashion for your home”.  It’s a fun read and will appeal to anyone looking to add a little glam to their abode!

Sweet Paul will help you to chase the sweet things in life.  This magazine is loaded with delicious-looking recipes so you can do like I do and pretend like I’m Martha Stewart in the kitchen.
House of Fifty

Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms is set to launch a new online magazine, House of Fifty, in May 2011.  If you love her blog, you’re sure to enjoy the magazine too!  Click HERE to subscribe so that you’re sure not to miss it!

I hope you enjoy all of these inspiring magazines!  If you know of any that I have missed, please let me know so that I can share it with everyone.