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I {Heart} Target + Hobby Lobby

2 Aug

Two of my absolute favorite stores are Target and Hobby Lobby.  This past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to visit both.  I did a little shopping and thought I’d share my finds with you.

I went to Target first and picked up…

This is a weekly planner that had me at “better organizing”.  I have been looking for a family calendar for a while now, but I knew we needed more than just a monthly calendar on the wall.  Been there.  Done that.  Didn’t work.  So, when I saw this beauty, which would allow me to color-code {swoon}, I immediately placed it in my cart.

This is where I put it.  This is our family’s “launch pad” of sorts.  That bottom basket holds Little Man’s shoes.  The next shelf up, with the pink box, holds our files.  The next shelf holds two expandable filing folders; one of which holds medical-related paperwork and the other holds receipts {not my ideal system… will probably change it up soon}.  The top shelf holds my most referenced books, our “mobile command center“, and my umbrella.

Here’s a closer look at the very top.  I have an Eiffel Tower that I bought at Target a long time ago, an IKEA vase full of ultra-thin sharpies that I use as pens for color-coding inside my planner {OCD, much?}, and the little wooden tray holds this:

The notepads are for the weekly planner and I figured this was a good place for all of our stray “regular” pens.  In the photo above, the wooden tray has a photo of my sister and her husband poking out of it {in case you were wondering}.

This is another one of my Target purchases this weekend.  It’s just your run-of-the-mill, plain-jane, $9.99 monthly and weekly planner.  Here’s a peek at the inside pages:

The inside has a little bit of personality, but the front cover needed help.  So, I bought some of these at Hobby Lobby:

Got any idea what these are?

I kind of forgot to take a picture of the package before I ripped it open.  {What can I say?  I was too excited…}

But here’s what they are:

They are, as I’ve affectionately named them, “pink crystal swirly things”.  {Obviously NOT the technical term.}  This photo shows that I was able to “test out” how things looked before I permanently attached them.  Since I liked how things looked, I peeled them off the clear backing and pressed down.  Here’s what it looks like now:

Sorry for the poor photo {all of them aren’t that great because I used my phone}.  But you get the idea of how they look.

Ground-breaking?  No.  An improvement?  Yes.

Will these be what I keep on the planner?  Maybe.  At least, for now they are.

Other Hobby Lobby purchases include:

This is Zebra print scrapbook that I’m going to use it to create a “Dreams Book”.  I know it may sound a bit middle-school-ish of me, but I figure it can be something I look through when my road to business-ownership get a bit bumpy and tiresome.  I plan to include inspirational photos for things like: my future office, logo/branding, working wardrobe, and other business ideas.  I may share a few pages with you once I complete them {if you promise not to laugh at my scrap booking skills.}

Other Target purchases included a spiral notebook and a “Finn McMissile” car {from Cars 2}.  A certain little boy is in love with the Cars movies and I bought it because he was being such a good shopping companion.  {I had him for 4 hours, by myself, in and out of the rain – and was able to get in a grocery run!  That may not be impressive to some, but at the end of the day I felt like I had accomplished something!}

Other Hobby Lobby purchases included: those ultra-thin sharpie pens I mentioned earlier as well as some scrapbook paper for my “Dreams Book”.  I also bought two “refill packs” for the scrapbook because I knew I’d need more pages than what what provided.





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