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Decorate Your Home for Free

29 Jul

So, lately I’ve been talking about the fact that I want to start my own organizing/decorating business and I know that my home could {should?} be where I am able to showcase my abilities.  However, my problem is that I have, like, zero dollars to put towards personalizing my space.  What’s a decor-loving girl to do?  Well, I brainstormed some ways that those of use who have more style than cash can spruce up their home environment for nothing {or at least, next to nothing}.



You probably already know how much change can be brought about by simply moving your furniture around.  However, it’s worth repeating because the change is sometimes all you need to get out of a decorating-funk {otherwise known as: lack-of-funds-pity-party}.  When you do decide to mix things up a little bit, keep in mind that you don’t always have to follow the rules.  Most of us tend to line our furniture up along the walls like a bunch of wallflowers at the school dance.  Pull your sofa away from the wall and let it “float” {a.k.a. dance} a little.  Even putting a console behind it so that it floats just a smidgen is better than nothing.  Plus, that console will add an extra surface for some lamps and a place to keep your remote control {out of the hands of babies}.  So, go ahead, break a few rules.  Or at least bend them a little…


Suzie:  Jonathan Adler  eclectic, feminine, chic foyer design with pink geometric wallpaper, ...


Think about what happens when you go to the store.  You grab your basket or shopping cart and peruse the shelves.  You pick up a few things here and there, thinking about where it could go in your home.  Those items that make the cut are placed on the conveyor belt, pulled across the scanner and placed into a bag as you happily pull out your debit {or credit} card and dream of how that item is going to look in its new home.  Now, do that in your house.  Don’t look at me like that… I know it’s not necessarily easy but you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.  Start at your front door and begin looking for items that can be used in other rooms.  Can you take that picture in your foyer and make it work better in your hall bath?  Would those bedroom throw pillows also work in the living room?  You’ll never know until you try.  I’m giving you permission to spend an afternoon {or even a whole day if you want} to play in your home.  Just keep in mind, you may get some funny looks from the hubs and kids.  But, then again, don’t moms always get those looks?


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“Swap” is a word that used to be all verb.  Now, it has graduated to a noun, thanks to some genius person out there who gave this idea a name.  I’m sure most of you have heard of this one too, at least on some level, but did you know that you can easily host a “decor swap”?  All you have to do is call up several of your closest friends {it would be a good idea to chose those with similar tastes} and tell them to bring a certain number of items {say, 5} to your house next Saturday at 2 pm.  Everyone shows up with their goods and swaps.  At the end of the day, you’ve released 5 things that you no longer love and you take on 5 new things that are a better fit for you!  Everyone wins!  {I may do a post in the future featuring a full how-to on a decor swap.  Interested?


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Are there any project around your home that you meant to start but just haven’t yet?  Now, this tip is only going to be 100% free if you’ve already bought the supplies needed to complete the project{s} that just crossed your mind.  I should also mention that, depending on the project, the difference may not be earth-shattering.  However, fixing things like a leaking faucet or squeaky door will  dramatically improve the way you feel about your home because you will no longer be bothered by those little annoyances.


There you have it!  Four ways that you can revamp your home TODAY without having to pull out your wallet.  Gotta love FREE!

How do you spruce up your home for little to no money?